Friday, November 21, 2008

The New Bond Girl, That Preen Dress, Black Lips

Why is it that when you're madly and deeply in love with someone, things remind you of that person a lot? Or in my case, this pic of the new bond gal Olga (let's not get into her surname, it's hard) reminds me of the Chanel Gun Heels.

Happy early thanks to Rahimah, the Singapore Chanel Store Supervisor, it should arrive around next week to early December. Just in time for my birthday ;)

On a somewhat different note, this past season's Preen dress was my thing before the Pistol heels. Mid-year, I went with my BFFs to all the stores in HK which carried Preen but the dress was nowhere to be found, I almost wept. Not being able to have this dress is a huge frustration. Thinking of it right now makes me sad still he he :) :(

On a kind of different note again, because of the soft goth trend this season, black lips (like the color I wanted for my killer heels) are so back. I remember what it was like to be grunge gurl. Before I went for the rave look in the late 90s (I've been doing a lot of 90s reminiscing, eh?), I was always in my standard jeans/long plaid skirt, combat boots/one star converse sneaks and tattered shirts. Add to that the black lips and black nails (that's why I can't seem to paint my nails black again these days). My mum wasn't a fan of this look though. She was always on the verge of throwing out my shirts. The logic behind that way of dressing was that, since everyone was trying to look really nice and zany, I wanted to look really ugly and dirty. Rest assured, I always smelled good. =D

Being sort of experienced when it comes to black lips, what you can do is to use black eyeliner over cream brown lipstick. The lipstick part is optional. Add some lip balm on top to minimize the cracked look.
And dang, it always looked cracked on me, now that I mentioned it. But I was low on funds at that time and couldn't afford a good black lip color so it was nice to be resourceful.

BONUS PIC: Leigh Lezark in my supposed Preen Dress. (How come she gets to wear the stuff I like including the gun heels, hmmm?)

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InstantVintage said...

That dress is amazing. And don't mind her taunting you with all the things you want - those heels will soon be yours and I will be able to "wear" them through you.

the monochromator said...

You're the best cheerleader in the world! ;)