Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fluxxe + HappyMondays + CanUDiggit = FUSION

It feels like skipping the mention of Christmas altogether, but I'm almost curious about what you're up to this 1st night of January.

If I’m recalling it right, the only time that New Year’s Eve parties became truly big here in Manila was the time that Studio 23, a TV channel, came up with Sunlounge which started back in 2002. This was when theme parties were the rage and Sunlounge was an event that goes on until the 1st morning of the year. Oddly enough, I’ve only been absent 2x -- once was in 2005 and the 2nd was this year – and they were the worst years of my life ever. It sounds superstitious but would I really want to risk my luck this 2009 by not going?

The past Sunlounge events were held on rooftops (which I enjoyed). Part of the main reason why I decided to be absent for their 2008 thing was that, it’s not a rooftop venue. Bad idea, apparently, when I started having to go through the motions of this year’s sour chapters.

Another tradition that’s not to be expected this 2009 for Studio 23’s Sunlounge is that, for the 1st time ever, there is no foreign DJ who’ll play. The event becomes the scene via the “fusion” of local indie/ALT scenes composed of Fluxxe, Happy Mondays and Can-U-Diggit.

I’m all for the thought of them together (FLUXXE+HAPPY MONDAYS+CANUDIGGIT=FUSION). It sounds exciting and fresh. Totally worth checking out , music is guaranteed to be fab (and I haven’t mentioned that the drinks are free). The drinks are endless and almost do not run out until the sun’s up. Yes, the DRINKS are for FREE.

Event details: January 1, 2009 @ 1AM, Attica in A-venue, Makati

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sibling Revelry

If I were a fashion director, they'll be my top duo.

Yep, they're sibs and they do model on the side. I think they look neat -- the way that the new breed of local models should be. These are stolen photos from their myspace profile he he he.







And, please, can we stop the spurt of Brazilian models around here already? They're, uhh.... you can fill in the blanks for me. I'm heading out to party and keeping my fingers crossed that my crush is there.

(Don't get me wrong, I liked Corned Beef from Brazil till I stopped eating cows because they do shed tears,etc. Good thing, my gun heels are made of satin, I think.)

Image source: myspace.com, jujiin.com

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday's News Today ;)

Lately, as pastime, it’s a lot of camera phone shots of some parts out of magazine editorials.

The world's not a mess, their hair's imperfect. If bored with your usual hairstyle, we can take it to the next level with endless teasing and dyeing until our hair looks fried and very ‘80s-punk that extended to the ‘90s and got trendy during the F/W season 3 years ago.

Have learned from a BFF that using soap, instead of shampoo, helps add tangles. I love hair tangles and can never get enough of it. No combing after washing with soap + a bit of teasing + some hair spray = happy tangled hair.

On the contrary, these gals in the below have that iron-flat, smooth hair. I'm posting this mostly, though, to illustrate how so hot a denim on denim ensemble is. Leopard prints in particular are not next season's thingie. But animal prints are as classic as denim, it'll always be rock 'n roll.

Moreover, big and structured shoulders are so awesome. They look harder and harsher for next season. These are dang hot:

(Neck-piece Alert, y'all!)

Lastly, my gun heels have not arrived in the Singapore store up to this day I’m getting to be a master of patience. I feel virtuous.

Alrighty, hope you're getting along well with the busy days. It should be over soon and we can all relax again after this crazy holiday season.

Image Source: i-D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Mood for Hood

Almost sinister and a bit unsettling, yet so powerfully mysterious and even somewhat glamorous (imagine Grace Kelly in one), the hood is. Cloak-ed, it looks wilder and fantastical. Anyhoo, here’s to share bits of “hooded” editorials from Philippines’ Imagine, Brit Vogue and I-D magazines.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s an option for bad hair days and that it’s a good headgear for the cold weather and quite the best alterna for hats. Sometimes, too, it’s just nice to half-hide your face just ‘cos. (Must fashion be this practical? What would your boss at work think if you face him with an explanation for yesterday’s undelivered task in the partial concealment of a hoodie? Would your colleagues think you want to join them for lunch? Or would they think that you want to skip lunch and stay at your desk to check your Facebook status? Hmmm...)

BONUS DETAIL: The "Prehistoric" History of the Hoodie. LOL.

BONUS PIC: Carine Roitfeld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Sources: savethehoodie.com, bestoftheworld.tistory.com

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eye Candy for the (Kate Lanphear) Style Hungry

For you, like how she usually does her metal and licorice arm candies, let's pile on the pics.

BONUS CHEW-ON: Hope you like it.

BONUS DETAIL: Kate Lanphear's arm deco, for your perusal.

BONUS PIC: Um... this time it's for me. I got bitten! =D

Image Sources: jakandjil.com/blog, the sartorialist, etcetera

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Consortium - SneakerPimps to SneakerHeads to WTFSneakers (!?)

Were you ever into sneakers?

Yep, they're easy to go around in. I've skated in them when I was younger, wore "cool" pairs to be - how do I say this - uhh... "cool" in the early days of my life. Nowadays, though, the only relationship I have with Nike is for when I'm out to go running or hit the gym or kick some balls. But I know of people, guys especially, who get so passionate about the force-something-chorva-chorva collection (I can't even remember any title that Nike or Puma or Adidas would call their shoes), they spend a designer bag's worth of money for a pair! Ha, ha! Unbelievable! ;)

Anyhoo, I was going over what sneaks were on sale from luisaviaroma and found designs I think I like (but would wear not).

Dior Homme

Raf Simons


Kris Van Assche

Ann Demeulemeester

These are men sneaks, though. I prefer them ankle-high which probably dates back to when I was a kid and being elated from getting bought a pair of high-cut Reeboks and L.A. Gear rubber shoes that the older "cool" kids stomped everywhere in.

BONUS INFO: The "official" sneaker magazine in the Philippines, MSCLAVEL, launches @ Happy Mondays in Embassy Cuisine this December 8. (Gosh, Endo, this better be good. And, I ain't getting mainstream by wearing sneaks. He, he.)

P.S. Invite in the above went thru the monochromator's color filter, as usual.

Did I Ever Mention Jackets Before This?

Had to purchase a pair of Kris Van Assche sneakers and Dior Homme pants from luisaviaroma dot com for a guy pal. Went over some of their women's thingies and couldn't take my eyes off of this YSL swing jacket. I'm loving the design and the material. So perfect for cold days that come so rare in the country I live in. Hmpf.

You, folks, with the Fall/Winter weather are lucky. Or is it a matter of perspective and wanting that which one has none? ;)

BONUS PIC: A page (courtesy of my phone camera) from i-D mag's December ish '08. It's a fabulous creation by Margiela, reminds me of the dangling sleeves and big shoulders of Carine Roitfeld's "wrapped-around" jackets.

P.S. - Where's my gun heeled pair? Where? Not in the Singapore store yet. Too long and patience is not one of my number 1 virtues. But there are times when one must come to terms with the long wait so I'm w-a-i-t-i-n-g..................... good girl, me.

Image source: luisaviaroma.com

Monday, December 1, 2008

Heartbreak Kid

Today’s a national holiday here in the Philippines. =D

Long weekend, no work on a Monday, it’s such a luxury. I feel like a cool chick, smug from the extra available time to lounge around in bed and go over some eye candy from the internet after flipping thru some magazines.

Found this pic of a strikingly beautiful boy. Got to post it for y'all, ‘cos he’s so stunning.

The only problem is - I forgot to note where I found it. Have you come across this photo before? Help ghost blogger me identify the image source, yeah?

The Tee Posse

Post-save-to-draft Note: I had meant to post this a few minutes before the world stopped. Today, December 6, I don't have more to say but that which I originally meant to share. So here's to publish one that's been saved in my draft for 5days now.

Since we were on the topic of my t-shirt weather country, we might as well get on with some folks from here who wore theirs really nicely. I don't give a fock what brand your shirt is or if your pants are from a dope brand or something. I'm not gonna get stoked on the shoes you have on, just 'cos they costed you a fortune. It's never about what you're wearing. It's always simply just about how you wear it.

(I love you, IVAN.)

BONUS PIC: Sharon Atillo, so astig. I like when gals can go rock 'n roll as effortlessly and as real as she can.

Image Sources: style samurai, xtina superstar, mnlstyl.blogspot.com