Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Post-Fashion Week Ingredient

If you're familiar with Tommy's so fab Jak and Jil blog and his precious candid shots of the beautiful people behind French Vogue, this magazine editorial goes very recognizable:

Throw in a spoonful of The Sartorialist, a huge helping of Style and the City dot com, top it off with impeccable polish/photoshop and voila! You have the whole dish cooked and ready for serving before you know it.

It's also next on the Pinoy table. Super soon, magazines and broadsheet fashion editorials will whip it up this way. I can smell it as when dried fish is frying on the pan and its scent is all over the kitchen reaching to the dining area and then the whole house. Or maybe I'm just psychic. Bloody lovely.

Image source: starbucksandjane

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InstantVintage said...

It's exactly as you described.