Saturday, November 15, 2008

Manila's Party (Sub)Culture

If you’re in Manila and you’re looking for the sub-scene or the indie scene or what you may call it (‘cos I don’t know how else to sugarcoat that which mixes the artsy-fashionista crowd with ALTmusic aficionados without sounding like I’m putting too much effort), you only have a couple of major places to go to.

MAJOR SUB-SCENE PARTY PLACE 1: "FLUXXE! Whatever Thursdays" @ 32nd Street, The Fort
Guest DJ KidKilly


FLUXXE Bitches

MAJOR SUB-SCENE PARTY PLACE 2: "Friday I'm In Love/Future X Presents (Saturdays)" @ Future-ILoveYou House, CubaoX
Guest DJ Gigee

CubaoX Kids

CubaoX Bitches

I did say “major places to go to” for argument’s sake and I made specific the mixture of music+fashion+artiness.

Yes, there are gigs that have a singular focus on just music (where 99% percent of the crowd is uninteresting) or art only affairs (ho-hum) or purely fashion thingies (where music is so bad you can only hang around for a bit to rush back home and recharge your iPod) but this isn’t about them. This is about living your life with half the amount of pretension you'd use up if you only go to where bands play or to glossy clubs where House DJs get too technical with their stuff it already gets too boring to party.

Trust me.

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InstantVintage said...

I miss going out and having fun...

stylepinas said...

I look like puss sa fluxxe kids photo. haha. (-:

the monochromator said...

haha ;)
ok lang yan. pare-pareho lang tayo.