Monday, November 10, 2008

My Chanel Gun Heels (Well, Almost Mine) and SomeGiant's Painting

So a BFF is in Singapore since Friday, he went to the Chanel store there to save my tortured soul (or sole?) by asking about MY shoes. The good news is, they're gonna have it in their store and they will call me and email me the details the very day it arrives. Hurraaay!!!!! It's pure bliss to hear about that from him. I'm so happy. (Thank you!. You know who you are).

Somehow, things remind me of fellow blogger SomeGiant's post from last month. It's about a painting he did for an exhibit which was inspired by this pic in the below.

Of course, yes, here it is:

And if you're as shallow as me, you're eyes immediately zero in on the jacket. It's Junya Watanabe, baby, and it's gorrrgeouz. (I refuse to mention that the primary subject of his work is his nephew who seems a bit kinda cute, though we can really barely see much of his face, which makes me wonder if good jackets can score anyone plus 10 pogi points, eh?) Too bad, though, that it's too impractical (or is it?) to wear leather jackets around here. I'd have loved to do a Carine Roitfeld number with one he he he.

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InstantVintage said...

Amazing painting. And YAY for you getting your gun heels! Congrats.

somegiant said...

thanks for the love by the way. And be careful with the Chanels. They look dangerous.