Friday, January 30, 2009

Rules of Style: Scott Sternberg

Opening a conversation with "What do you do?" makes you sound like a shifty, social-climbing dickwad. Small talk is for sissies, but if you're stuck with it, you can certainly come up with something better than that.

Talking about what brand you're wearing is gay in the bad way. Just keep quiet and play dumb if someone asks. Talking about what a great deal you got on the aforementioned item is worse. If you must, tell your mom, because she has sale empathy and will take your victory as her own. It's sick.

I don't think a tie is a relic, not yet. It's purely masculine—that one garment that allows you to go a little outside the box. A tie with a well-cut suit makes you look put-together and confident. It's an auto-chic, easy uniform.

Cigarettes are a vile, dirty habit. Joints, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable.

Whenever you start a new project or a new job, don't tell anyone what you're working on, because it can change direction a million times and once you start telling the world about it, you get constrained by your own mouth.

That skin-toned paste your girlfriend gave you to treat your pimple is makeup. Don't kid yourself. You're a girl if you use it. Figure something else out.

Rabid atheism does not lead to attractive or acceptable cocktail-party conversation. You know who you are and you need to chill. We get it, okay? God is for dummies. Now shut your hole.

It's just not cool to fart on a plane, even if everyone's ears are plugged from the altitude and they can't hear where it came from. Heed my warning: Airplane-fart karma is a bitch, and you will find yourself at the receiving end on a sleepless transcontinental red-eye soon enough.

Style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you. It is not a mysterious quality reserved for Cary Grant or Liberace. You have a sense of it in there somewhere. It's just a matter of finding a way to express it without seeming like you're trying.

Rules, as they say, are meant to be broken. Don't get too caught up with what I—or anyone else—tell you about your personal style, except for No. 8.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ReShots and Re-shots

I like good portraits. I think Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter does them more than alright with his cam. He's been to Manila several times already and he seems like a pretty nice guy. (I'm just not that keen on glancing at his tight shirt and boxers. Maybe those hairy legs, too, so am I gonna get called an a**hole again for saying this?)

There's a feature on Mark/TheCobrasnake from this London mag called Mirage. They re-shot his shots, which I've also re-shot with my phone cam (Should I buy a real camera?):

"Girls...they're not going to look like that forever, so it's pretty cool to have some pictures". TheCobrasnake

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are We From The Same Planet?

Terence Koh is fucking amazing.

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Pete Shelley and The Wonder Spot

The funny part is, I'm drunk-blogging. Here I am coming home from a Saturday night out and I'm looking for a Nick Hornby book that X2 lent me and I can't find it anywhere. The maids cleaned the room and I can't find that book, just when I've already pictured reading it, in my head, before I pass out. Oh well....


Because I Fucking Love Rick Owens

"Celebrate the freak, create the creature."

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shutter Matter (Part 2)

Had to pick up more photos from Jujiin Samonte 'cos they look great. =D
Also, there's a ton of arm candies and all sorts of funky-interesting-goodies going on in these:

(This is Jujiin in this pic right up here. Nice, yeah? And, he's one of them with the lookbook something account who does not make me squirm. It's like, when I checked out most of Manila's stuff there from other people, it made me wish that they never got the idea of doing that to themselves. I don't know but I wish lookbook or chictopia, etc. would be savvy enough to filter their members to only those who, yah know, uhh, fit the bill. )

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Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes, you come across a photo that you have no words for. Just now, I read some text that I have no suitable image to mix with:

“But the world has so many problems – in war, in banks – and, like in the Eighties, fashion has to be powerful at a time of social crisis. It’s not about creating trends that can be copied, but about creating an identity that is clear…”

-- Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy’s 34-year old Creative Director, to Brit Vogue Feb Ish

(There are things I’m engrossed in that I’m afraid to express with most people I associate with. They are things that might get me misunderstood, things that they probably are not interested in, things that are so thoroughly embedded in me – they must be let out or I will be numbed. I’m not that interested in fashion, I’m just passionate about style and that semblance of intelligence that must mingle with it…so I blog. Gawd, I luv you, blog.)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ahh... Finally ;)

Couldn't decide which pic you'd like. Out of around 8 shots, was able to narrow it down to just 5.

Life's the best! =D

For my sistah, too, Alicia. :)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

X1 + X2 = The Monochromator

In optics, a monochromator is an instrument that isolates a selected portion of the spectrum.
In 3rd World Manila, the monochromator is flying out to a more progressive shopping place in Asia to pick up her sole mate... later already!!!! Woohoo!!!

Anyhoo, you guys are familiar with purchasing a mag and not having much of a time to really browse thru it until after a month, yes? So like, I've just started really going over Jan's Brit Vogue Ish today and have found out about myself that I cannot ever outgrow my attraction to black lipstick...

I think charcoal lips would be gorgeous with a red top or dress and more so with white and nude colors (and why not with blue or pink?). Maybe I’d put on black lipstick at the beach or something. Yep, just when the sun is at its brightest and its light in its harshest. But really, think Leigh Lezark with her black hair, blue eyes and pale skin with black lips in a white ensemble. Sounds alright, eh?

I’m digging these lace gloves here (would be okay for the summer season even, might be a fine alternative to bracelets):

And geez, as days go by, these Alexander Wang booties are really beginning to grow on me. Big time.

(Of course, there’s also them strappy-studded Balmain stilettos to think about. Will post said shoes another day. And I thought I was just talking about flying out to pick up my sole mates later.)

(Speaking of mates, X2 is coming up soon. He’s my evil twin, the fierce one. Or maybe, he’s kinda bored and could use some blogging therapy, too. LOL.)

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fried Day...I'm in Luv.

It's just that it feels like I blabber too much lately. And that, these photos are so totally mental. And then, too, there's the thrill of finally having a crush on someone new for months now. (Laugh!)

Happy weekend! :)

(So like, Jak & Jil should really be published into a book or at least mentioned in French Vogue or something like that, really.)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eye Candy for the (Emmanuelle Alt) Style Hungry

Style... It's that elusive factor. You either have it or not. Very well, Parisian Vogue's Fashion Editor, Emmanuelle Alt, has got it all and a bag of chips -- without effort. She's so rock 'n roll.

Sharing with you my extensive (LOL) collection of E.A.'s photos from the best ever blog in the whole wide world. It's Jak&Jil or nothing, bebe! Rawrrr... Devour, devour. ;)

Side Notes:

1. Regarding Ian Curtis (ha ha), some wuss thought I wasn't gonna publish his silly comment on my previous blog in the below. Of course, I dig scathing comments (view my profile under "interests"), and of course, I love Joy Division and have seen the movie "Control". WTF was Mr. Anonymous thinking?! LOL! =D

I have an epileptic friend whom I grew up with. I know of her seizures and the meds involved. Also, there is scientific proof that exercise is beneficial in combating depression. Perhaps, I wasn't kidding when I said that basketball would have made tortured souls --I meant those energy vampires who walk around thinking that the weight of the world is on their shoulders-- feel better. Chill, dude. Play basketball and don't read my blog if you take me too seriously! =D

2. Jak&Jil should be made into a coffeetable book. I know I'd want it. Wouldn't you all? :)

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog Identity Crisis

I’m having a blog identity crisis. Music? How’s Ian Curtis for a retarded kinda dude? (Gosh, did you see the bio-movie on him? I’m sick of hearing about and from dudes who seem to have constantly “tortured” souls. Maybe if they played basketball everyday, they'd have felt better.)

I did mention that this blog is for fashion, music and the scene. But there’s not much on music. Really, when I come to think of it, it’s just absent.

So if Francoise Hardy is in this post, does it count for a bit on music category?
(She is, after all, a singer, other than an actress and a style icon. LOL.)

Or how’s some Mick and Bianca Jagger posting? (They look so young and sweet and this is why Jade Jagger is so hot.) Would it equate to the concept of this blog?

My gun heels are not in the Singapore store yet. Dang, too long, it's almost losing its dazzle to me. The next time I talk about it, I'd already have actual photos via my phone camera.

I can’t even really remember why I’m blogging. LOL. Maybe I like putting things down, like, in a journal. Anyhoo, this is me down here in this one. (I read from somewhere that your blog becomes most effective if you have photos of yourself or something like that.
(Uh…Told you, I’m a ghost blogger. Dress is ASPHALT by Karlo Vicente. Nice, eh?)

Fashion? Okay, then there’s no one else more iconic than the late '60s supermodel -- Penelope Tree:

The scene? I ain’t fond of actual picture-taking (I only take pictures from other folks. Thank you so much, y’all). Okay, the scene:

(Is there anything more scenic than the sight of them right up there in this last pic?) ;D

So maybe
this blog is not really off the mark and I can sleep kinda well with that thought he, he. Bedtime!

Image sources: Time, Jujiin, Getty, other people's blogs and stuff