Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AltBands of Recurrent Hits

Nothing stays the same.

It seemed so much simpler during the 90s, when most things were just AltPop or AltRock or BritPop or TechnoPunk or PopPunk or IndustrialRock, etc. Whatever, it's just nice to remember.

BONUS PIC: Saffron of Republica

I had hair like hers about 9years ago (a bit shorter, though, with uneven bangs). I'd cut it on my own. Also, rave parties were a major kick ass at that time. LOL.

What was your thing back then? :)

Image source: wikipedia


InstantVintage said...

Docs and really oversized shirts. Kinda what I wear now. LOL.

xtinasuperstar said...

betch!! hehehe