Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holeds-pital Bound :(

Alright. So I'm about to pack for a possible hospital stay, since I want to get some tests out of the way to find out why, lately, I've been getting ill a lot. Boo-hoo. As I was saying, I'm about to pack, which sounds worse than actually going thru lab tests and stuff, and I can't help but, to first and foremost, lurk around my favorite blog sites before that. Do I sound like I'm procrastinating, eh?

Anyhoo, I found this Leibovitz classic of Kate and Johnny. Yeah! (So I'm thinking, would my hospital bed look close to this? Would a gorgeous, long-haired doc finally come to terms with his dark side and wear black, instead of white, for a change? And would ghost blogger me turn blonde and waifish once I get my butt on a hospital bed? Well, these thoughts kinda make a medical check-in/check-up sound a bit inviting, I guess.)

Secondly, I've just discovered another cool blogger (The Glossy) and her site has filled me with enough eye candy, I got kinda happy. This one here came from an old post of hers, and aside from the all-white ensemble (doctors? nurses?), I'm just totally digging all the details about this photo. Tattered jeans are like an obsession that doesn't drive me to conquer nor pursue. It's quite unlike how the Chanel Gun Heels or the Allegra shirt had caught me. But, yes, in a big way, I'm very attracted to the look of ripped jeans and to see them in white is refreshing. Include the holed up shoulder top, those glasses, those coffee with cream-colored shoes, that backdrop and well, I have to post this one:

I love blogging. I really love others' blogs as well. There are so many good ones out there and I will keep on going over everyone's posts. One of these days, I'll make an ode to blogs and their bloggers. Can't help it, I'm too fascinated by everyone's wit, humor and eye for style. Thanks to the Blogosphere. What a fab world to be in.

(Okay, okay. I'm about to pack. Gah!)

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InstantVintage said...

Feel better sis. I hope everything turns out ok.

The Glossy Editor said...

You made me blush! Thanks for the mention! Take your vitamins and get out of the hospital soon. Until then I'll link you:) xx

the monochromator said...

The Glossy Editor,
Wow! ;)