Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Ode to Classic Pumps? (Personally, I Like 'Em Pointed)

Aside from chocolate and other things nice and sweet, thinking of shoes is a happy happy thought.

To cut the long story short, let’s just say that there are too many beautiful shoes out there with the “architectural” heels, the multiple straps, etc., and we want every lovely pair that makes our heart skip. Gosh, we really do. It can get dizzying too, all this wanting, all this yearning, when you know that you can’t have it all. (We. Just. Live. With. It. And hope that this insatiable desire goes away after a season… and another season…until the new obsession comes along. S.I.G.H.)

But really, no matter what happens, I could never outgrow my love for the pointed stiletto pumps. (In fact, looking at them now, feels like taking things easy from the bombardment of shoe design technology (and marketing? Or do we blame it on our culture and our ex-boyfriendz?)

1. Last photo ain't stilettos, just diggin' nice suede material.
2. Couldn’t post Louboutin. RedSoles.
3. Also, couldn’t post my own pumps. DeadGiveaway.I.AM.A.GHOST.BLOGGUH.

BONUS PICS: Glamour's Heel Race

Uhh...Would you, really? =D

Image source: shoes.about.com


InstantVintage said...

I'd do it. Totally. LOL.

Gotta love a classic.

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Xtina said...

love yah betch