Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jolie Photos by Pitt (Bye, Guys?)

My blogging days are over. Some photo attorney will find Angelina's W Magazine pics here and charge me with infringement of copyrighted photographs.

There are 3 things I did and am doing now that I did not know I'd do:

1. Buy a copy of W Magazine because of Brad Pitt's "Exlusive Private Photos" of A.J. Couldn't resist it. It's much too good a sales strategy not to make curious ghost blogger me grab a copy in a snap.

2. Take actual photos of these photos. (Because I tried to search for it on the net and everyone just has the one on the cover and it's my least favorite of all the photos. I only want to bother posting images that I'm interested in.)

3. Blog about B.P. and A.J. Like for real. (Like really, these bitches are the most beautiful actors of Hollywood. Plus, I never really rooted for Aniston. She's too wishy-washy. I've always been in awe of Jolie. She's like the bad girl who swept away the most pop guy in class and Aniston, who's head cheerleader, got left in the dumps. I really loved this ending.)

So yeah. Maybe this is the last time I get to look at my gorgeous blog to which I am its numero uno fan. LOL.

Remember when you lost your diary and stuff? I'm there soon.


InstantVintage said...

BOOOO! You have to stay! I'm your number 2 fan!

And they really are that hot. I got to work the SAG awards last year and was thisclose to her. I almost licked her shoulder. You would have wanted to. I know it.

You aren't really quitting are you? Cause that would make me reallysad.

the monochromator said...

LOL @ Number 2 fan!

Are you serious? Whoa! A.J. is sooo gorgeous, yo!

I've never heard of that word "quit"(?) Hehe;p
Staying. Lurve the blogosphere. Was just adding a touch of drama for fun.