Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Quest for My Gun Heels

Intro: Nancy Sinatra went BangBang.

If you’re Filipino too, you probably do some shopping in Hong Kong at least around 1-2 times a year, during sale season if you’re smart. If ever you have queries for Chanel, to spare you the time of having to google it up, here’s a list of their stores in Kowloon and Hong Kong:

Pacific Place
Shop 337 Pacific Place, HK
Phone: +852 2918 1108

Prince’s Building
Ground Floor & Mezzanine Prince’s Building, HK
Phone: +852 2810 0978

The Lee Gardens
Ground Floor Lee Gardens, HK
+852 2576 0696

Harbour City, Kowloon (just got the number via phone from some Kowloon information center so I didn’t get the address anymore)
Phone: +852 2735 3220

I spent most office hours today doing long distance calls to these stores. Some of them would speak broken English and had to turn me over to their better-English speaking coworker:

Me: Yes, I was just asking if the Gun Heels or the Miami Vice Heels are a part of the new arrivals from the Resort 2009 Collection.

Chanel Clerk: What kind of shoes?

Me: Gun Heels. Heels look like pistols, like bang bang. Guns. Gun-heeled shoes.

Clerk: High heels?

Me: Yes, high heels. Heels that are shaped like guns. The design is also called Miami Vice, I think. Madonna wore them to some awards thingy. It’s hard to miss a pair if it’s arrived there‘cos the heels look like a pistol. It’s also on this month’s British Vogue.

Clerk: Would you know what item number so we can check ?

Me: Heck, all 3 of the other stores I’ve spoken to before you have asked me for the item number. I went over what’s on the Chanel website and you guys only have F/W 2008 there. Nothing on the Resort 2009 Collection, really. I don’t friggin’ know what item number. It’s called the gun heels.

Clerk: Hold on. Let me double-check again if we have it.

(Puts me on hold like the rest of them).

(Comes back.) Hello, Miss? I’m sorry but we’ve only got some sandals and flats and some clothes from that collection. Would you like to leave your number so we can call you if ever we already have it.

Me: I’m calling long distance from Manila, Philippines. Can I get an email where I can send you pictures of the shoes and leave all my contact details with it?

Chanel Clerk: I’m sorry. Please just leave your number so we can call you instead.

And so like how pizza will never be pasta, came the tedious process of having to spell my name over and over again in that EchoDecemberTangoNovember-super-sucky manner. I’d have strangled them with the phone chord if I could. (But not possible, really, since I’ve yet to encounter a mobile phone that isn’t wireless). Wanted to tear my hair out, after this phone call to the last Chanel store in Hong Kong. I basically had the same dialogue with all 4 of them. Sucked. Badly.

In the end, I think I really just wanted a store that will give me email details so I can send pictures of the Gun Heels. Does it have to be so hard? Gah! This is too much effort for a pair of shoes already. I WANTED TO SEND PICTURES OF THE SHOES VIA EMAIL!!! I didn’t want to explain to every HK Chanel clerk on the phone that the Chanel Gun Heels have heels that look like guns. You know, guns, like a bang bang cowboy Jbond Charlie’s Angel Clint Eastwood pistol gun. Gawd!

Although on a lighter note, Chanel in Takashimaya (+65 6733 5120) in Singapore said that their Cruise 2009 thingies could INDEFINITELY arrive by end-November. They spoke good English, too. The phone conversation was simpler with these people.

I never bought designer anything for its label or whatever trivial reason there is on the planet. It’s always when a design strikes me so strongly is the only time I shell some out. I have far greater goals in life than getting my feet on a pair of pistol heels. But I work hard and I deserve the best-looking shoes that will ever be invented.

My gorgeous size zero BFF was like, “Why are you in such a hurry to get those shoes? They’re not even the “it” shoes of the season. And no, it won’t run out of stock ‘cos it looks too weird and only you would quite understand it . Everyone wants the heeled gladiator shoes. If it were Givenchy, you should panic”. Her remark made me smile. She's so keut.

I’m set on flying to any Chanel store in Asia with just a day’s notice just to give me peace of heart and soul already. Come to me soon, my gun-heeled beauties. Don’t make me wait ‘til next year. Sigh.

Image source: thisnext.com


InstantVintage said...

That sound frustrating as hell. You should slap someone to get the aggression out of your system.

the monochromator said...

Haha :p
Nah. Already blogged about it. Good as slapping the world for release.