Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vogue You, Vogue Me, Vogue Love

Found this 1977 Vogue Book months ago from a stall that sells 2nd hand paper and hardbacks.

Searched online earlier and this collectible is being sold by Mary Ward Books for $27.54 USD (exclusive of shipping). I did the peso to dollar math and I got it for just around $3 USD. Whoohoo! =D

Plus ---> the authors autograph:

This photo with the cracked egg pouring has got to be my fave. (Remember back then when our mums would do like egg hair treatments some weekends? Wasn't it a popular beauty ritual during the 80s? Is it making a comeback yet?)

This gorgeous vintage find has got so many super nice photos. One called ArtDecoBlog has it on post.

I also found a Gatochy on Flickr that's got its luscious pages scanned and I could have easily copied some images from there but didn't. (It's somewhat better to look at them pics via my phone camera. I like the absence of precision, how so wrongly natural lighting hits the pages when I take a shot.)

Karen Graham

Francoise Hardy

Penelope Tree

Bonus: A couple of pages from Brit Vogue's November '08 article on "The Beautifuls", (not the exact title but I'm not home and could not refer to the magazine).

My picks from that article:

Vanessa Paradis

Bianca Jagger

Jane Birkin


InstantVintage said...

Bianca ia hot.

What a cool book - lucky you got it for so low. Then again, most people selling books don't know their value.

And yes, egg treatments are making a comeback. Just make sure to wash it out with cold water...you will be unhappy if you don't. Trust me. LOL.

arelente2 said...

Freaking lucky beyoch!