Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gian Romano for BlackMark's BlackMarket

Sometimes I think, there must be something wrong with my upbringing when it comes to local fashion design awareness.

I didn’t grow up reading much of our style magazines. Not a good thing but I cannot change me.
I think it's just lately thru other Manila bloggers and their mention of local designers that I get familiar with some of our very own. Add to that some instances when my fashion-loving pals go into casual discussions about this and that -- and that about sums up what I know.

For the most part, though, I'm fated to dance and drink and eat and sleep with one of them (especially on nights when I’m too passed out from alcohol to drive my ghost blogger self home). And by gawd, he is apparently brilliant and I need not know how our other designers go about their work to figure out that this one is the only one.
He is Gian Romano and these are some of his works for F/W 08. (The part I don't understand is that we only have the rainy and sunny seasons to live with in the Philippines, so should it have been called the Rainy Season '08 Collection?)

He’s recently sent out some of his stuff to a newly-opened shop along Jalan Pisang in Singapore. Said shop is called “BlackMarket”. (Can’t wait to drop by and see their stuff in person after I pick up my Gun Heels.) Anyhoo, to spare me the trouble of having to enumerate what other brands they carry – a lot of Asian and international thingies-- here's its miniature copied and pasted, blurry version:
The store has nice interiors, too. Maybe I'll dwell on that another time.

These here in the below are Gian’s merch in BlackMarket. I guess it’s also coming out in Singapore’s Juice Mag this month or next month. I'm not sure when.

No shame, just too proud of his radiant talent to not admit that I am a sucker for his designs. I can’t help but think that my gun heels are made for his clothes.

Side Note 1: Should I have typed LOL around this post 100x ‘cos I’m really laughing at my laughable self? I mean a bit of self-deprication would be keut, wouldn’t it?

Side Note 2: BlackMark is PINOY ;)
Keep me proud.


Image sources:,,, (i'm not kidding!)


InstantVintage said...

Is it wrong that I want nearly everything? Is it?

I mean the tops are dope, that zippered thing, the jackets...uh, yeah...

Me wantee!

the monochromator said...

Not a bit wrong when it's Gian Romano ;)

olive oyl said...

check check check!

Gerry said...

Gian Romano used to work with Threeasfour and every time I see his work I can't help but think of the influence. Gian is definitely a talented designer but I don't think the quality of labor in Manila is able to make his designs really work...

Anonymous said...

excactly the dilemna of being a designer in Manila. but still one's got to do what he's got to do.

Anna said...

I have a few classic pieces from Balenciaga, YSL, Pucci and Armani as well as some by Joey Samson, Patrice Ramos and Gian Romano. I don't see how the work of Mr. Romano is not justified by the Filipino hands that make his clothes. As a matter of fact, the Gian Romano dress that I have is one of my fiercest wardrobe staple and I should be getting more clothes from him if not for my busy schedule.