Monday, August 24, 2009


The best fakes ever!!! I love it.

I don't think calling them fakes would be apt since they're part of an art project but I can't think of another word for them. I think these are really intelligent and witty. I especially love the Chanel and Burberry bags. Now, my knitting skills are a bit rusty since I just went to one class and am still waiting for my knitting partner to come back so we can make our Rodarte-esque cobweb sweaters, but maybe we can also try making some fake Chanels and Burberries for ourselves. Ha ha!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Sound of Colour

Hey, guys!

We're on a muzik break, yes. X2 is moving houses.
Catch you again in a bit.

Videos (top to bottom): "Black/White" by The Raveonettes, "Roadrunner" by The Modern Lovers, "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter Paul and Mary

Monday, August 3, 2009

X1 + X2 = The Monochromator

If you already have seen X2's previous post, you may very well say that he has quite a bit of an imagination when it comes to his perception about the two of us. It's either that or he's blogging drunk again.

We're not really big on ourselves and this is more than just an expression of our vanities, as it is really more on...uhh...never mind. So, anyhoo, just to share a bit more of our ghost blogger selves, I'm posting some of our pics for you.

This is X2 right up here. He's really hot in person. LOL! :p

In the tradition of blogging, you're supposed to be let in on what people in photos are wearing. But I really don't know what X2 has got on. I think the jeans are from Topshop, the shoes are vintage, the shirt could be American Appy and the jacket is most likely Gian Romano. Maybe he'll clarify when he sees how wrong my scientific guesses are when he sees this post he, he.

In the below, the chick that's looking down is yours truly. Hi, yah!! :-) I have on some Gian Romano jacket, an Asphalt by Karlo Vicente sheer jersey over an H&M dress, then my beloved Chanel Gun Heels and Fendi tote.

And just last Thursday, we went to the 4th year anniversary party of FLUXXE. (Just google FLUXXE, I don't feel like explaining it here. I'm rushing to get out for some drinks. Please excuse me, yeah?) It was a great party. Amazingly, we both wore Margiela. Maybe, the statement, if there's any, was that - great minds wear Margiela or something along that idea but not really. Ha, ha! :p

X2's shirt is Margiela, above photo. His pants, maybe Dior Homme or Topshop? I didn't see what shoes he had on -- maybe vintage again or perhaps them Dior Homme sneaks. I wore Martin Margiela over a Gian Romano beige dress with my Margiela pumps and I had no trouble dancing all my worries away the whole night. (I really love the shoes, they are the most perfect looking pumps I have ever owned so far.) It's me in this photo down here.

So why did I do a post about us? Maybe 'cos I want you to know that even if you don't see us here that often, this blog is pretty much us. Or maybe I'm just friendly? Condescending, too. Truth is, I just want some tete-a-tete with you before I talk to other folks outside the world wide web.

Okay. Here's to hope that we will all have a good night, the night is young. Keep on keeping on. XOXO. (Gawd, I miss the guy I used to see. Gah!)

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Image Sources: Raena Abella, Sharon Atilo, FUTURE, Sarah Javier