Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Just Keeping It Real"

It’s the bryanboy blog that’s reminded me of that phrase.

To keep it real means to write about my acute pharyngitis. It stops me from going out anytime soon since my EENT doc tells me to stop smoking (not possible at this point, really). Useless to party with no drinks and stuff because it doesn’t go with sweet antibiotics.

I searched the Allegra shirt online and found it on shop something dot com for like the equivalent of 24 and 3 zero pesos in just S/M sizes in colors white and grey. But like only guys wear small tees and I’m not getting caught in one so skip it for now and come back for it later.

Hard to understand why my credit card company keeps increasing my credit limit ‘cos of “good credit standing”. They’re such assholes. Complained to my colleagues about this gimmick but one of them has got it worse. He’s received a card with a 1.2-M limit, no application needed and all he had in that bank was 20% of that amount. It’s like they want us to keep our purchases up until the “good credit standing” status stops working. It’s a bitch when they think they’re smarter than the consumers.

Israeli artist Orit Raff has got nice minimalist werkz. Totally worth my lurking around the net to kill time and stuff during office hours. One exhibit is here:

Seems to me that all roads lead to minimalism. Bland is the shit. The shit keeps things simple and “streetstyle” with too much color and too much going on all at once is dead. Daria is taking over Disneyland. I truly hope minimalism never applies to music. Even most minimalist art suxx and neo-dada is more moving. Gawd I h8 talking about art, like politics it’s such a drag. So drab.

I’m having a perfect day, it makes me bleed neon to the highest degree.


Not good to keep it real at times. Real is driving around with too many folks down the street who have no internet access anywhere. Real is doing a blog post at some wi-fi zoned café where I can’t get airport access for some reason. Real is doing a blog post at this café that’s out of chocolate cake. Real is doing a blog post with shaky hands ‘cos I only have 120pesos cash in my wallet. That's for no credit card payments which means no dinner (but coffee)‘til I get home. Real is realizing that maybe I’m stuck up. (I need a surgeon to do stitches on this neon overflow, stop the glow in the dark).

Okay, I’ll just go home now.


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InstantVintage said...

Pharyn...or whatever sounds like it sucks. I hope you feel better.

And that tag is EXACTLY why I'll never buy an Allegra tee-shirt.