Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG I Want This Shirt (Repeat 3x)

This Allegra shirt gives me the ooh ahhs again.

My wish-list gets long so fast
  • Chanel Gun Heels (but if I buy it and you see me wearing it, would you think I'm the monochromator? Would it blow my cover? I want to be ghost blogger for life but I also really want the shoes.)
  • Belstaff Shoes by Kirkwood
  • Stella McCartney S/S '09 Dress
  • Rick Owens (Ankle Grazers) S/S '09 Shoes
  • Rick Owens S/S '09 Dress
  • Balmain S/S '09 Shoes

I won't get all of the above but I will get some and the list isn't done yet. Still have a lot of soul-searching to go through so gad hulp me.

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InstantVintage said...

You know you can make that, too? Next time I go out for plain white shirts, I'm gonna shred one and send it to you. Srsly. Sound good?

And if you get the gun heels, just take a picture of your lower half. You'll still have ghost-blogger status then.

Merily said...

And I love the shirt too.
I started making one, but...well disjointedness got me.

the monochromator said...

Haha =)
Sounds really cool, thank you.
Planning to get it, though, really. Just need to find it online.
P.S. You've been CRLS-ing. Saw your comments. LOL. =D

Aww c'mon. It's too good a shirt for disjointedness. If I can actually DIY, I'd do it in a <3beat.