Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Into the Blogosphere - (My Just Released Prologue)

The blogosphere is a fun place to be in. Its promise as a field of escapist literature is enormous and, more fashionably, it feels like an instrument for expanding the consciousness. Everyone benefits. What's essential is to keep moving.

I've jumped in on the bandwagon. No, I'm not here to promote myself or I would already have plastered my photos all over each post. You're more interesting to me but I won't be blinded by your opinion. Nor will you see me going around with a camera, I was never an A-student for that.

The Monochromator is meant to be read than seen. I choose to lurk around what the world wide web has to offer, filter its content based on my interests, then present it to you as interpreted by my eyes.(No thanks to Gucci for my sunglasses. I paid a lot for it with money I could have long used to gorge on Haagen Dazs Tiramisu and spend on a French Vogue or an I.D. subscription. Err, nah, on second thought, I'm happy with my Gucci sunglasses).

Nor am I here to be too foul. I'm not chikatime.com, I don't believe in trash. We won't touch the subject of your character. I'm only allowed to view you on the surface. For sure, beyond appearances, you have a great personality and a sweet heart. I can only share what I think is hot and what, to me, lacks luster.

Be bold. Behold that I'm around to neutralize the field.

No, I won't die for fashion (either for music or the scene). I will live for it... with YOU.

Let's have a blast.

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