Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack and Jhing Photos

Le Editor, Miwayway Magasin:

Chief Fashion Editor, Philippine Wogue:

Image Source:


InstantVintage said...

First pair. LOVE.

And I saw the Jak and Jil photos...If I had a full bladder, I think I would have peed my pants just a little bit.

Not really, but I think you understand my excitement.

the monochromator said...

LOL! ;)
I know exactly what you mean, instantvintage. I almost dropped to the ground when I saw the Kirkwood designs. Whew!

P.S. --> Gawd. It feels so weird to comment on my own page but I guess bloggers really do this hehe ;)

the monochromator said...

Hi, the monochromator!

Luv you. Send nude pics.


the monochromator

the monochromator said...

the monochromator,

ok, i'll send you noodz. but you won't mind if i'm round and gray, right? i look very smooth any how. i'm sexie! like check out my profile photo for this blog.


the monochromator

Anonymous said...

you are a retard.

the monochromator = (gray) spherical retard

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!!
this is retarded