Thursday, October 23, 2008

Half-Read Fiction

I love blogging.

It's the random flow of ideas, the site-hopping 'til you reach the night's stop-and-write-it-down-already point. It's the flavor of them "monochromed" images... homogenous and satiating in their subdued form.
It's my latest fixation.

And these got abandoned for it -- swinging from one story to another -- all of them unfinished:

Attention span is scarce these days. Hold steady.

***Note: Hi, please don't click to look inside. It was just really nice to at least be able check if amazon has got the books I'm trying to read. The covers look neat and I buy them in stacks from bookstores all the time.

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InstantVintage said...

If I could tell you how many books I've started and never finished...

I mean, I guess I could, but what I'm trying to say is that I get what you mean. LOL.

Bentley said...

Hey! I like your blog a good deal. I enjoy the color scheme and most of all, I enjoy your very interesting and playful writing. Keep it up, good job.

the monochromator said...

Hey, Bentley, thanks! ;)
Hope you keep coming back. I need comments from readerz tehe ;)