Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carles, Am I an AltSis or an AltBag???

Okay. I just swallowed piles of cheese and crackers and managed to pop a calcium-magnesium-zinc tablet with a glass of h2O for good count (at 3AM). But the truth is, I really really love looking at my blog. Like out of a hundred profile views, I think 90% of it was from me, like for real. I do have 3 BFFs who know who I am and they try to be supportive so that's 10% of my other profile views.

But really, when I open my blog, it's like a thousand times better than looking at myself in the mirror -- it's like seeing my dream house and being on my dream vacation. I think my blog spot is gorrrrgeous, with its monochromatic images and all, I can't get over it! Like just now, I said to me, "Sister, you're too vain and stuff but not really".

Time to hit the sack. Let's give me another sweet pill, to fuel my sleep, with Leigh Lezark and Uffie's Chanel-ed strides.

Gawd. I am obsessesd with them shoes on Leigh. I love you too, jakandjil-Tommy ;)

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