Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Halloween Costume Ideas (Sisig-Beatnik Style)

1. Burger-eating and Drink-gulping Fluxxe Kid

2. Kuya Germs

3. Blond, Topless Fluxxe Kid

4. Esteban Aoki

4. KikiMachine of The Rock Scene (What band is he from again?)

5. Tita Kris for Deal or More Deal

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Anonymous said...


InstantVintage said...

Fluxxe Kids!

*runs to wikipedia*

somegiant said...

i like the blonde, topless depending on the climate.
P.S. the leather jacket, it's a junya watanabe leather from 07. We actually waited for it to go on sale @ barneys so we bought it for about 900 usd. You'll feel as solid as batman wearing it.

the monochromator said...


How fab, really. ;)

I'll post you're painting's photo before you know it haha :p

No worries, you get credit as "image source" =D