Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tee Posse

Post-save-to-draft Note: I had meant to post this a few minutes before the world stopped. Today, December 6, I don't have more to say but that which I originally meant to share. So here's to publish one that's been saved in my draft for 5days now.

Since we were on the topic of my t-shirt weather country, we might as well get on with some folks from here who wore theirs really nicely. I don't give a fock what brand your shirt is or if your pants are from a dope brand or something. I'm not gonna get stoked on the shoes you have on, just 'cos they costed you a fortune. It's never about what you're wearing. It's always simply just about how you wear it.

(I love you, IVAN.)

BONUS PIC: Sharon Atillo, so astig. I like when gals can go rock 'n roll as effortlessly and as real as she can.

Image Sources: style samurai, xtina superstar,

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