Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fluxxe + HappyMondays + CanUDiggit = FUSION

It feels like skipping the mention of Christmas altogether, but I'm almost curious about what you're up to this 1st night of January.

If I’m recalling it right, the only time that New Year’s Eve parties became truly big here in Manila was the time that Studio 23, a TV channel, came up with Sunlounge which started back in 2002. This was when theme parties were the rage and Sunlounge was an event that goes on until the 1st morning of the year. Oddly enough, I’ve only been absent 2x -- once was in 2005 and the 2nd was this year – and they were the worst years of my life ever. It sounds superstitious but would I really want to risk my luck this 2009 by not going?

The past Sunlounge events were held on rooftops (which I enjoyed). Part of the main reason why I decided to be absent for their 2008 thing was that, it’s not a rooftop venue. Bad idea, apparently, when I started having to go through the motions of this year’s sour chapters.

Another tradition that’s not to be expected this 2009 for Studio 23’s Sunlounge is that, for the 1st time ever, there is no foreign DJ who’ll play. The event becomes the scene via the “fusion” of local indie/ALT scenes composed of Fluxxe, Happy Mondays and Can-U-Diggit.

I’m all for the thought of them together (FLUXXE+HAPPY MONDAYS+CANUDIGGIT=FUSION). It sounds exciting and fresh. Totally worth checking out , music is guaranteed to be fab (and I haven’t mentioned that the drinks are free). The drinks are endless and almost do not run out until the sun’s up. Yes, the DRINKS are for FREE.

Event details: January 1, 2009 @ 1AM, Attica in A-venue, Makati

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arelente2 said...

thank goodness they're using local!