Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday's News Today ;)

Lately, as pastime, it’s a lot of camera phone shots of some parts out of magazine editorials.

The world's not a mess, their hair's imperfect. If bored with your usual hairstyle, we can take it to the next level with endless teasing and dyeing until our hair looks fried and very ‘80s-punk that extended to the ‘90s and got trendy during the F/W season 3 years ago.

Have learned from a BFF that using soap, instead of shampoo, helps add tangles. I love hair tangles and can never get enough of it. No combing after washing with soap + a bit of teasing + some hair spray = happy tangled hair.

On the contrary, these gals in the below have that iron-flat, smooth hair. I'm posting this mostly, though, to illustrate how so hot a denim on denim ensemble is. Leopard prints in particular are not next season's thingie. But animal prints are as classic as denim, it'll always be rock 'n roll.

Moreover, big and structured shoulders are so awesome. They look harder and harsher for next season. These are dang hot:

(Neck-piece Alert, y'all!)

Lastly, my gun heels have not arrived in the Singapore store up to this day I’m getting to be a master of patience. I feel virtuous.

Alrighty, hope you're getting along well with the busy days. It should be over soon and we can all relax again after this crazy holiday season.

Image Source: i-D

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Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Gah! Those shoes are taking forever! Sorry, hon.

These are great pictures, though. I wish I could do crazy teased hair.