Saturday, December 6, 2008

Consortium - SneakerPimps to SneakerHeads to WTFSneakers (!?)

Were you ever into sneakers?

Yep, they're easy to go around in. I've skated in them when I was younger, wore "cool" pairs to be - how do I say this - uhh... "cool" in the early days of my life. Nowadays, though, the only relationship I have with Nike is for when I'm out to go running or hit the gym or kick some balls. But I know of people, guys especially, who get so passionate about the force-something-chorva-chorva collection (I can't even remember any title that Nike or Puma or Adidas would call their shoes), they spend a designer bag's worth of money for a pair! Ha, ha! Unbelievable! ;)

Anyhoo, I was going over what sneaks were on sale from luisaviaroma and found designs I think I like (but would wear not).

Dior Homme

Raf Simons


Kris Van Assche

Ann Demeulemeester

These are men sneaks, though. I prefer them ankle-high which probably dates back to when I was a kid and being elated from getting bought a pair of high-cut Reeboks and L.A. Gear rubber shoes that the older "cool" kids stomped everywhere in.

BONUS INFO: The "official" sneaker magazine in the Philippines, MSCLAVEL, launches @ Happy Mondays in Embassy Cuisine this December 8. (Gosh, Endo, this better be good. And, I ain't getting mainstream by wearing sneaks. He, he.)

P.S. Invite in the above went thru the monochromator's color filter, as usual.


Shopaholic said...

I used to/still do have a serious collection of Vans, the skate shoe. Mainly the slip-ons but I have a few special edition lace ups. It was a sickness.....

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wolfwhistle said...

You might like the Ato trainers I featured on my blog the other day! I'm in love with them. (And they come in black and white, of course.)

somegiant said...

check out visvims. I'm not a shallow person but for functionality and purpose i will spend cheese. I'm usually found in some disfigured chucks that's probably why i like the Ann Demeulemeester. I just wonder how good it ages.

somegiant said...

aaaaand that sneaker magazine needs to fire their flyer designer because for a magazine company, they should be conceptualizing better designs in every aspect (even and probably especially a party flyer). just a tip of the hat from good ol' somegiant.