Tuesday, January 13, 2009

X1 + X2 = The Monochromator

In optics, a monochromator is an instrument that isolates a selected portion of the spectrum.
In 3rd World Manila, the monochromator is flying out to a more progressive shopping place in Asia to pick up her sole mate... later already!!!! Woohoo!!!

Anyhoo, you guys are familiar with purchasing a mag and not having much of a time to really browse thru it until after a month, yes? So like, I've just started really going over Jan's Brit Vogue Ish today and have found out about myself that I cannot ever outgrow my attraction to black lipstick...

I think charcoal lips would be gorgeous with a red top or dress and more so with white and nude colors (and why not with blue or pink?). Maybe I’d put on black lipstick at the beach or something. Yep, just when the sun is at its brightest and its light in its harshest. But really, think Leigh Lezark with her black hair, blue eyes and pale skin with black lips in a white ensemble. Sounds alright, eh?

I’m digging these lace gloves here (would be okay for the summer season even, might be a fine alternative to bracelets):

And geez, as days go by, these Alexander Wang booties are really beginning to grow on me. Big time.

(Of course, there’s also them strappy-studded Balmain stilettos to think about. Will post said shoes another day. And I thought I was just talking about flying out to pick up my sole mates later.)

(Speaking of mates, X2 is coming up soon. He’s my evil twin, the fierce one. Or maybe, he’s kinda bored and could use some blogging therapy, too. LOL.)

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Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Hmm, black lipstick. Never tried, but it looks interesting enough.

And yay for finally being united with your sole mates. I can't wait to see. Are you even going to show them? I think you can maintain ghost status and still show them.