Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wanted: Benefactors

Some stuff for Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 from one of my favorites, Ann Demeulemeester.
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A double breasted cardigan that can be worn several ways (again, why didn't I think of that?!), a vest/drapery with bells, an asymmetric t-shirt. Heaven!

A couple of stuff from the men's department and that sweater. Oh god.

Some accessories and an amazing boot.

And a few looks from the men's department for Spring-Summer 2010

Leather and feathers, chain harness, black, white and beige.

Amazing! If only I can afford it. Now where can I find benefactors? Kidding!

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X1 said...

Hmm... let's brainstorm on that. Uhh... How do you feel about doing political advertisements here in our site? Them candidates for next year's election are pretty loaded. We can tweak their campaign to uhh something like these concepts: "savedarfur" or "say no to leather" or "music is the answer" or "party to be free". Or we can plaster their face all over our blog. Enticing to you?

I love your post, by the way. This is a nice blog. Thank you.

X2 said...

putting political ads sounds good

X1 said...

@ X2's reply about "putting pol ads sounding good" -


Stephanie Clayton said...

Ann D can do no wrong, her designs are sheer perfection.

Anonymous said...

she makes the nicest clothes

Olivia said...

I've loved Ann D. for 3 years each season. Her designs and patterns are amazing.

chris said...

really amazing.