Friday, July 17, 2009

Part of the Process

So, just submitted the application form for the new apartment a couple of days ago. It's gonna be my new home and workspace. From living in a place that could pass off as a forest, to a small apartment near the so-called business district and, now, (if me and my flatmate get the apartment we want, that is), somewhere in the older parts of the city. I've been looking at other people's houses for inspiration. Just look at the pictures below. Click to enlarge.

High ceiling and a lot of space.
White walls and wooden floors.

Interesting but minimal furniture.
By minimal I mean minimal in number.
I want space. I don't want clutter.

Huge windows. And again, lots of space.

Minimal furniture and lots of reading materials
on the wooden floors.
This would probably be in my future bedroom.

Plants. I want plants.
Maybe a terrarium?
Rainforest in a bottle! Why not?

Okay, nothing concrete yet. But I'm taking inspiration for my parts of the house/studio from Alexander Wang's workspace and Julia Restoin Roitfeld's apartment. I love their space. If only...

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chris said...


X1 said...


Didn't know you can design home interiors, too. Haha! :p
Anyhoo, it's good and being a bit familiar with how the space in your soon-to-be-apartment looks, yes, your ideas will work. You've such superb taste. xo.


Anonymous said...

i think it's easy to merge the two concepts together since their not really that far off the other ends of the spectrum, and i think that's a good thing. post photos if something comes out of this. maybe some before and after photos, you know what i mean. :-) cheers!
btw, nice blog mates. keep it up.

john said...

less is more. minimalism is a good practice that should simplify most areas of life. it's also a mod way to let style shine through.

style odyssey said...

"space not clutter", now there's a great concept/design rule...and describes the ideal place, IMO.
the spaces in this post are absolute perfection--minimal but inviting.