Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taken By Cars

(Time Magazine wrote about how French people, in general, are big on luxury in terms of designer fashion, cosmetics and jewelry, while the Germans would rather mostly spend their fortune on expensive cars.)
So anyhoo, that Tarantino movie where Kurt Russell plays a psycho driver-stuntman was dope. I’ve also watched a lot of Night Rider when I was a kid. Other than these, I’m really not a car aficionado. It’s just a form of transpo, you see. Plus, cars look the same to me. ‘Xcept that these beauties are so articulate in design, I noticed me staring at them details of these ‘60s Ferrari and Lamborghini far longer than normal. Click at the pics for a bigger view. Nice, eh?

Got these photos from Mirage. And you know, I kept on saying that Mirage Magazine is from London. But I looked it up online and apparently, it’s a German read that’s just written in English. Kinda odd how I never found it from the actual magazine, or maybe I should browse thru it more than 2x he, he.

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