Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Life Less Ordinary

I have a number of girl crushes on Hollywood celebs: Rose McGowan in Tarantino/Rodriguez flicks; Kate Bosworth in Preen or Balenciaga and in that movie "21"; Angelina Jolie; Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux; Winona Ryder in "Mermaids" and "Reality Bites". But most of all, I'm big on Milla Jovovich. (I do like to, uhh, c-h-a-n-n-e-l, ha, ha, her and stuff like that, but not really. It's just that when not so good things happen, I sort of pretend that I'm Alice in Resident Evil). Fact is, her movie costumes are so rockin', so kickazz...

Above (Left): In Fifth Element, it's those boots and tights and belt and that thing that somewhat looks like a rubber harness or suit -- whatever it's called, it looks great. Above (Right): In Resident Evil Apocalypse, it's that sheer sando over a bright red bra. The pants look cool ripped at one side, and then the strapped-on weapons, too, yep.

This Leeloo suit is so chic and her Ultraviolet costume is just so friggin amazing down to the jacket and them gloves. Tisk, tisk.

Here in Resident Evil 1, can I just shout: Leather Jacket!!!!

Too stoked for words on her (Resident Evil Extinction) ensemble.

Whoo-hooooooo!!!! ('Tis another one off Ultraviolet.)

"Smoked myself into a haze...
Blackest sails the most beautiful star..."
- Ash

Posted by X1.

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brainsurgerygirl said...

i agree wholeheartedly, but i love kate beckinsale in the underworld movies too... le sigh.

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Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I second! Her movie costumes are always amazeballs.

X1+X2... said...

@ brainsurgerygirl,

yep! i'm in love with kate beckinsale in underworld, too. wonder why i forgot to mention her in my crushes tisk. thanks for reminding me of how fab she is and black leather outfit in that flick. xoxo.

@ Alicia/InstantVintage,
LOL! Word "amazeballs" is so kickazz ;)

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