Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not So Guilty Pleasure

Yes, I find a lot of their stuff before their Spring 2009 collection (except for those Louboutin shoes with clawlike details and divine cobweb knits. And I know someone who tried to take up knitting classes to learn how to make those knits. And by someone, I mean me.) to be crap. The conspiracy theorist in me is saying that they might be the Milli Vanilli of fashion. I also heard that their clothes from their show back in 2006, I think, were really badly made.

But now, I think they have really interesting collections. An array of fabric on a single piece of clothing. Those cobweb knits. The leather ribcage. The mix of color. The tribal-esque styling. I think I'm beginning to like Rodarte. Now if only those cardigans weren't too fucking expensive...

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