Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nobody Butchoo! (Just Kidding)

Tada! Let's begin with your permission to lemme show off my new Gian Romano granite-silver shoes from his SS 2010 Collection, 'cos they're gorgeouzz.

Speaking of gorging, thanks to Triski Nurani (Street Peeper's "Kiki", I Love Glam, Rotten Fresh and Blackout), I got to hang out with The Misshapes in Jakarta. I took this "paparazzi" shot from Kiki's camera. (Really, should I buy a camera?)
Geo here trying on a Sultan-ish jacket in some department store we went to. He's so hot-pretty and funny-witty. I fell in love with him.
In fact, I fell absolutely in love with Leigh, too.
With Geo in the pic below is the fab owner of these photos - Kiki. (Should I have told her I'm posting some of her photos before I went on with it?) ;p Anyhoo, Geo wears pants that he DIY-ed. The jacket is by his pal, Spanish Designer David Delfin. Nice, eh?
Another shot of Leigh...too bad Kiki din't catch her Givenchy shoes in full. Bleh. (Truth is, I can't even do a "click to enlarge" on these photos. So should I buy my own cam for next time's sake? Hmm?)
Like, seriously, The Misshapes look so cold in photos. But in person, they're amazingly warm and sooo fun. ;D
So there, 'twas a cool thang....

Side Note/Completely Different Note/Bonus Note:

'Xcept on my last night in Jakarta and if no one drove me to my hotel, I didn't really get to experience sleeping on the streets of Indonesia. Got a nice dark choco-colored studio apartment in Kemang Icon, instead. Sharing some pics from my phone cam 'cos it's a memorable room for me and you'll never guess why. But really, there was a fur blankie and the pillows were cushioned with feathers. It felt awesome. All in all. ;D
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Image Sources: Triski Nurani; Rotten Fresh; I Love Glam; Kiki; Blackout


Giancinephile said...

Loves it!!!! First the shoes, and the whole crazy experience.

And Davidelfin is a really fantastic label! haha

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