Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crispy Creams and Kendi Sprinkles

You usually want to be in sync with your partner. If X2 is in the mood for colors, I'll join him.

For starters, there is indulgence in imaginings of Risto Bimbiloski's upcoming designs for Spring 2010, where most will focus on prints of "beautiful, dangerous, and random phenomena" (a.k.a. volcanoes, storms, etc.).

It seems to me that them kaleidoscopic photos and digi-print thingies (of the jungle, metal, cement, galaxies and what-have-yah) on fabric will get even bigger next season.

And because Bimbiloski becomes more threateningly fierce as we speak, we may want to get acquainted (if you haven't) with his F/W 2009 collection. I'm digging his stuff, really.
No pressure, but in the future, I hope he lives up to expectations, because I'm really rooting for him. (True, even if I'm not a fan of Vuitton whom he does knitwear for.)
I want that jacket up here on the right side - eagle eyes, eagle eyes, eagle eyes - and in the below pic is an amazingly gorgeous dress. How so stunning.

Talk about stunning! Look at Leigh Lezark's thingy for Brit mag Tatler.
(I like her blond. I like her raven-haired.)

Leigh Lezark is my fave hipster ever. Did I mention that she's unstoppable in some cartoon-printed Versace number?

About cartoons, I got hit by the "Up" bug as well. It's a brilliant flick that's even more brilliant in 3D. And because its impression on me is not wearing off overnight, I would like to take this opportunity to post a couple of my most favorite CD covers from almost 3 years ago:

1. Best Fwends "Alphabetically Arranged"

2. Architecture in Helsinki "Places Like This"
Oh gawd this is a long post. LOL.

Posted by X1.

Image Sources: Style, Risto Bimbiloski, The Misshapes, CD Universe, Moshi Moshi


Anonymous said...

leigh is electric as always .

risto could be the next big thing after balmain.

let's wait. xx


Anonymous said...

risto could be the next big thing after CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN fo balmain


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