Monday, June 8, 2009

Linked with Iconique

Rotterdam's Iconique Fashion Online Magazine likes The Monochromator and we like them back!

Here's a secret: X2 and I have not been going over our email for months now (haha!). So, when I forced myself to go over its content this afternoon, aside from travel agencies and other products that wanted to place ads via this blog, 'twas a nice surprise to find an email from a gorgeous online magazine called Iconique.

The email read: "...we'd like to compliment you on your website. Iconique Fashion
Magazine tries to keep its stylish link directory a high quality resource that is free from spammy sites... Your site will be a wonderful addition..."

Whoever said that flatterry won't get you anywhere is mistaken. In a snap, X1 was pumped for action! Lazy old me went to work by going over the site's content to updating our links.

It is a fab website. We dig its fashion and art content, among others. And, since they like us, that says a lot about their taste and sense of style. Thanks, Iconique!

P.S. - And, thank YOU for your comments. It's amazing to know that you're there, that you appreciate what we share. It makes blogging - this high regard and this need for expression - worthwhile. xoxo.

Posted by X1. (Ms. Hugh!)

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Anonymous said...

i went to see after reading your post. it's a good page it's very iconic haha!!!!!!

X2 said...

great X1!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Iconique is one of the best online fashion magazines!

Anonymous said...

that iconiqe site is gay