Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decadent Mess, Life in Mono

Haven't posted the usual phone cam photos of magazine spreads that caught my fancy. Fact that these are back issues now don't matter, I'm just indulging my can't-make-anyone-love-you state of mind at this moment. I'm not sad very often, I hope blogging proves therapeutic.

"It's a weird love song. It says how I'd sell my soul for something to believe in, something more significant than everyday life." - Tim Wheeler

Posted by X1.

Image Sources: Mirage, Dazed & Confused


x2 said...

x1! love the tag "infringement of copyrighted photos"!

X1+X2... said...

x2! yeah, that's 'cos yer weird! :p

Anonymous said...

nice photos...they look distraught

Anonymous said...

i meant distraught in a good way...if it comes out beautifully and all

X1 said...

Anonymous, it's okay and thanks. Wow! :)

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