Monday, December 14, 2009

Pasta is No Good with No Wine

You’re gonna read it again, pasta ain’t no good with no wine… so I almost always eat it with one. You know, eat pasta with wine and all is what I’m saying.

It's too much like yesterday's news today. But curator/novelist Peter Doyle serves up hot cocoa for chutzpah in his work "City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948". Here's my fave page:

On a completely different note, as usual, Camille Bidault-Waddington (in the below pic) - who is a Marc Jacob (eww...) consultant and a freelance stylist who's formerly tied with Pulp frontman Jarvis CRACKER - she has that ability to grow on you. I now think she's a sweetheart. I mean, anyone who gets quoted by Brit Vogue saying "I'm a complete fascist about clothes." is... lovable.
Alright, on what to do about Martin Margiela's abandonement of the fashion industry, NOT MUCH. But I like Chloe's Hannah McGibbon's easy, unpretentious swagger. She's still not my fave designer. But I do like her, yes. You familiar with the expression about a sniff of fresh air something for your minty breath and all? Well, it does kinda feel like that and stuff. Whiff.
 Heck, yeah. You know me too well (damm, you're creepy), if you've sort of figured that I want them Chloe boots.

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Image Source: The Glossy and wherever she got these pics - (so, really should a buy my own cam?)


Giancinephile said...

Love your sense of humour! haha

The Marc Jacobs part--- ughhhh... that will never grow on me. The Jarvis Cocker bit gets me interested!

And that quote from British Vogue is insane. Fantastic one at that.

Anonymous said...

Quirky and cute, good blog.

It's funny the "ew" part about Marc Jacob ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

those chloe boots are divine