Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paint It Blank (Should I Buy a Camera?)

Because these photos are magazine pages that are just re-shot with a phone cam and edited with iPhoto, would I be the only "blogger" who doesn't own a kickazz camera?
Must all bloggers really have a cam? Do bloggers have to constantly take a picture of their face and regularly show what they're wearing thru pics? Can't I just grab on to 1 finger nail?
I don't get lookbook. I don't get chictopia either. The world should run free. It's not nice to become a fashion victim.
I really don't understand that fashion toast chick, also. Maybe you can explain. Thanks. XOXO.

Posted by X1.

Image Sources: Self Service, Brit Vogue, Aussie Vogue, Brit In Style ;p


Giancinephile said...

Well, I don't get her too- that Fashion Toast chick. Sometimes I just blank myself over the skull-breaking imagery of bloggers who overwhelm us with the visuals and in the end they really have nothing to say. Maybe this is because I'm not fond of fashion that ends with beauty and the distasteful superficial reality. I want fashion to be otherwise like an active and constantly evolving discourse to make it more relevant.

Anonymous said...

no one gets that fashion toast chick. go get yourself a camera.

Anonymous said...

great photos that make me wonder if you should still get yourself a camera or if you're better off with a measly phone camera. nah, get the real thing, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

we're all victims my dear

Anonymous said...

who cares if you don't like lookbook and chic topia.

the fashion toast girl is hot. you're only envious.

X1+X2... said...

Bleheheh... ;p