Thursday, October 7, 2010


Drapiness has reached the point of saturation. I know, I know. It's so pedestrian that almost everyone who wants to be called "avant garde" (I ain't a fan of the term especially when related to fashion) just slaps on some monochrome (I use monochrome here in terms of the non-colours black, white and gray, and not monochrome like "different shades of blue or red or green") cotton jersey and then claims to be a member of a fashion cult. But then, they almost always end up looking like 10,000 others within a two-kilometer radius. Sometimes, it just makes me want to wear bright neon colours and mollify myself with truck loads of junk food and never go out of the house again.

Yeah, and usually, the above-described people look to Rick Owens/Gareth Pugh for inspiration. By look-to-for-inspiration, I mean knock-off. Hey, just saying...

But whatever. I still love Gareth Pugh. I still can't afford him though. Almost US$500 for a t-shirt? Well, yes and no. But I'm mostly leaning towards no. But if I could afford it, why the hell not? The strappy boots (either the patent leather with patent leather straps or the matte gray with gray ribbon used as strap) are pretty covetable though. And the jackets! Ahhh heaven!

Okay so on with the video. I like the music. I like the very minimal production design (if a white and a black background could count as production design). As always, I like the Matthew Stone soundtrack. And of course, I love, love, love the clothes.

Gareth's video for Spring Summer 2011 reminds me of most of the stuff I like in fashion. Well, maybe not most of but a lot of the things I like in fashion. It's either "I want to make something in the same vein as that but not exactly like that" (sometimes, I just really like how it was made, not necessarily I'm killing myself for not thinking of making it first) or "I want to slap that on to my body and then step out of the house". With Gareth Pugh, it's almost always the latter.

Err, okay. Enough with the hero worship.

Video by Showstudio/Gareth Pugh snatched from youtube
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